cutawayA portrait

"A celebration of character and characters at once local and universal, Cutaway–A Portrait is without doubt one of the best theatre works made in Adelaide in 2012.” - ARTSHUB

“I had the sensation that I was a silent partner sitting at the table, or in the lounge room, or in the hair saloon, ready to join the conversation at any time” - The Barefoot Review

A site-specific work made in response to the beautiful heritage-listed home of Vitalstatistix. Cutaway–A Portrait is an intimate theatre and audio exploration of the spirit of mischief that inhabits Port Adelaide’s historic Waterside Workers Hall.

For Cutaway–A Portrait, Roslyn worked with recorded interviews of locals (collected by other locals) to make a compelling portrait of cheekiness, loyalty and independence. Weaving together eight real-life stories from some of the Port’s best yarn spinners, we invite you to sit close and listen. The central performance is topped and tailed by audio art works, created by collaborating artists and Waterside’s resident choir Born on Monday, making for a three‐part, site-specific audio adventure.

Produced by Vitalstatistix


Director/Creator: Roslyn Oades
Collaborating Artists: Sasha Grbich, Jason Sweeney & Lara Torr
Performers: Katia Molino, Stephen Sheehan & Sasha Zara
Creative Producer: Emma Webb
Designer: Wendy Todd
Community Interviewers: Alison Hastings, Chris Mansell, Lara Torr, Jane Marr, Janine Peacock, Mike Retter, Pat Netschitowsky, Sam Patterson, Sharon Holmes & Tara O'Conal
Production Manager: Emma O’Neil
Production Stills: Heath Britton

We gratefully acknowledge the generous community interviews who trusted us with their words.


The premiere season of Cutaway–A Portrait was presented by Vitalstatistix in the Port Adelaide Waterside Workers Hall, December, 2012.

SUPPORTED BY: Government of South Australia, Australia Council for the Arts & Vitalstatistix