Grab a free coffee, pull up a deck chair and settle in for an intimate, uplifting journey into the headspace of some extraordinary water creatures ...

Part love-letter to the ocean, part site-specific audio documentary, Sea Stories is a listening experience designed to accompany sunrise over the ocean. Professional sportspeople often refer to the notion of 'going into the zone' during intense moments of competition: a dreamlike space between meditation, discipline and endurance. Inspired by this phenomenon, Sea Stories delves into the headspace of five very different ocean-lovers to explore their unique personal perspectives on ‘going into the zone’ in order to survive, endure or succeed. Sea Stories is a composition of transformative first-person stories that poetically intersect with the ever-changing seascape before you.

Originally commissioned for Festival 2018 on the Gold Coast, Sea Stories utilises a wireless headphone system and is experienced as an early morning outdoor listening event to audiences seated on beachfront deckchairs.

Commissioned by Festival 2018, the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Arts & Culture Program, QLD


Director/Creator: Roslyn Oades
Sound Design: Bob Scott
Site Design: Kylie Crews
Producer & Community consultant: Min Collie-Holmes
Featured voices: Monique Murphy, Tim Baker, John Graham, Arwin Arwin & Dr Serena Lee
Publicity Image: Dylan Evans


2018 Premiere Season: 5-15 April, 5:30am daily
The premiere season of Sea Stories was designed to be experienced on the beachfront at Broadbeach, Gold Coast, QLD


Roslyn gratefully acknowledges the many generous coastal residents who contributed to her research: Dulcie Annand, Arwin Arwin, Tim Baker, Hague Best, John Graham, Trevor Hendy, Cherrie Howard, Dr Serene Lee, Sally Mackinnon, Father Reg Mills, Monique Murphy, Tom Murray, Jim Ottoway, Meg Porter, James Roberts, Roselle Tenefrancia, Dave 'Baddy' Treloar, Daniel Ware & Warren Young. Thanks also to: Celia Smith & Mick Auckland, Courtney Akrigg, Todd MacDonald, Daniel Ross, Oliver Tribe, Kate MacDonald, Louise Brezzina and Nadine Dowd for their support and advice.

Sea Stories was an original commission for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games "Festival 2018" with the support of Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth games Corporation, City of Gold Coast and Queensland Government and Commonwealth Games Federation.