By Roslyn Oades, Bob Scott & Collaborators

“Brilliant, bizarre, quirky and a little bit disquieting…” Audrey Journal

“like drifting in and out of a radio broadcast in a foreign language…” Guardian

Step into an exclusive underground listening club designed for insomniacs, night owls, lonely-hearts and dreamers. The Nightline promises companionship to the sleepless and rest to the restless…

The Nightline is an audio portrait of the night inspired by locally-sourced anonymous phone messages, left between the hours of midnight and 6am. At the heart of The Nightline is a creative partnership between director Roslyn Oades and sound artist Bob Scott. In the spirit of creative non-fiction, The Nightline recomposes from reality to conjure up a shared story and a temporary community made up of those still awake after midnight. The work draws on field recordings, phone messages, composition and site-responsive design to create an immersive theatrical audio experience.

Commissioned & produced by Urban Theatre Projects


The Nightline is an exciting new audio project for long-term collaborators Roslyn Oades & Bob Scott. The first outing of The Nightline premiered in an abandoned restaurant as part of UTP’s inaugural RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW festival of place-based art in Western Sydney (November 2018). The project’s creative team are currently redeveloping the The Nightline in partnership with City of Sydney as part of their 2020 Art & About program. To find out more and contribute a late-night voice message please visit our project page here

Ros with Brainstrust members, photo by Johnny Barker

Ros with Brainstrust members, photo by Johnny Barker


Director: Roslyn Oades
Sound artist: Bob Scott
Nightline Brainstrust: Krystal Docker, Sam Kanaan-Oringo, Anshika Sharma, Harsh Yalam & Kellie Zhao-Culpan
Lighting design & coding: Fausto Brusamolino
Site design: Clare Britton
Performer/collaborator: Katia Molino
Phone-switchboard design: Greg Cameron
Production management: Bethwynn Hackett
Operator/Installation: David Kirkpatrick
Production Stills: Joshua Morris



Adam McGowan | Senior Producer & Development Manager | +61 (0)2 9707 2111


Heartfelt thanks to the many night owls, insomniacs, dreamers and pranksters who have contributed anonymous voice messages to The Nightline - especially the Brainstrust who have been inspiring collaborators. This work would not be possible without your generosity and playfulness. May you be blessed with sweet dreams.