ADD YOUR VOICE TO A NEW WORK! You're invited to leave an anonymous phone message on the NIGHTLINE: 02 8078 6974. Your message can be about what you're dreaming, thinking, doing, hearing, seeing or feeling between midnight and 6am. Whether it's a night-story, a dream, a personal reflection or a song we'd love to hear your voice on the line... 

The NIGHTLINE phone messages will provide inspiration and source material for a new immersive audio work exploring wonder, anxiety and the sounds of the night. The NIGHTLINE is currently open midnight-6am and taking calls until December 2018. 

Director Roslyn Oades and sound artist Bob Scott, in collaboration with the Brainstrust (a collective of young Western Sydney artists), are currently creating THE NIGHTLINE with Urban Theatre Projects as part of RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW.

Commissioned and produced by Urban Theatre Projects


RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW. is a new place-based festival launching in Blacktown (Western Sydney) exploring themes of contemporary feminism, cultural diversity, wonder and intimacy in suburbia. Commissioned artists have been in residence with Urban Theatre Projects throughout 2017 and 2018, coinciding with the opening of UTP's new Hub in Blacktown. 

  The Nightline is open and receiving messages on PH: 02 8078 6974

The Nightline is open and receiving messages on PH: 02 8078 6974


Director: Roslyn Oades
Sound artist: Bob Scott
Nightline Brainstrust: Krystal Docker, Sam Kanaan-Oringo, Anshika Sharma, Harsh Yalam & Kellie Zhao-Culpan
Lighting design & coding: Fausto Brusamolino
Site design consultant: Clare Britton
Performer/collaborator: Katia Molino
Phone-switchboard design: Greg Cameron
Production management: TBC
Operator/Installation: TBC
Publicity Image: Johnny Barker


Full program details announced 7 September 2018. For more information please visit Urban Theatre Projects.


Heartfelt thanks to the night owls, insomniacs, dreamers, pranksters, soul-searchers and stargazers who have called the Nightline over the last 18 months - especially the Brainstrust who have been inspiring collaborators. This work would not be possible without your generosity and playfulness. May you always be blessed with the sweetest of dreams. We also acknowledge the input of Angelique Bickerstaff, who was a temporary member of the Brainstrust in 2016.